4 Signs It's Time to Hire a Social Media Management Team

Running a business means juggling a lot of different tasks. From accounting to order fulfillment to building and running your website, many business owners start out trying to tackle all of these tasks themselves.

However, time is money. Eventually, the work becomes too much for one person to handle, and you’ll start to look for someone with expertise who can do the work and do it well. And one thing that can occupy too much time is marketing on social media. Posting every day is time-consuming and can be frustrating if you’re not seeing the results you expected.

So how do you know when it’s time to hire an outside social media management team?

#1: Social media management takes up too much of your time

As a business owner, your time is a precious commodity. Successful social media management requires diligence, but once your business starts to see more and more sales, you might not have the time to put into a worthwhile social media strategy.

And if you’re not an experienced social media marketer, it can take a lot more effort than it should. Your time is spent:

  • Learning the basics of design

  • Attempting to use tools you’re not experienced with

  • Learning to write short, effective copy

These are things that the experts already know how to do. Their time can be spent researching similar brands, using analytics to fine-tune your strategy, and creating truly effective, well-designed content—rather than focusing on the basics.

#2: Your creative eye could use a check-up

In grade school, parents and teachers may have praised your artistic skills, even when you were drawing stick figure people. But the fact is, we don’t all have a skilled creative eye.

Designers spend years and years refining their techniques. They know how to develop imagery to hook people’s attention and where to place copy within an image that makes people want to read. They know just how much white space is needed to avoid overwhelming people and how to make your brand colors pop.

Social media management agencies typically hire professional writers to develop their content as well. Social media experts are able to grab a reader’s attention in just a few words, a skill that doesn’t come as easily to many business owners.

If you’re writing and design skills just aren’t up to the levels of your competitors, it’s time to consider hiring out.

#3: You haven’t settled on a social media strategy

Do you feel like you’re just guessing when it comes to posting on social media? You might try something on Facebook, and simply duplicate those efforts across Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. But each of these channels deserves specific attention and a focused social media strategy.

Hiring a social media management team means working with people who know what works on each platform and can study your audience to customize content even more. They will devote time to building your brand using data and analytics rather than simply guessing on what might work on what channel.

#4: You’re not seeing results

Finally, the most important thing for any business owner is results. Why spend your time on social media management when you’re not seeing the engagement you’d like?

The solution is not to give up on social media altogether. It’s to hire a team who can strategize and create truly compelling designs and copy to make your brand stand out.

A good social media management team will prove their worth by growing your engagement day by day and building a loyal brand following.

So if you feel you meet any or all of these points, it's time to hire a Social Media Manager! Feel free to check out our packages or get in touch to create your personalized one! Start getting real creativity and real results.

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