8 Instagram Marketing Tips To Increase Your Sales Number

It's no surprise…billions of users are very much active on Instagram, out of which over 849 million users are engaged in advertising. Different brands are getting involved in marketing in the social media platform as a part of their market strategy. If you want to be counted among the advertising audience then these Instagram marketing tips can help you.

1. Login Using Your Business Profile

Even if you have a personal profile on Instagram you should reconsider creating a business profile. This is because a business account gives you accessibility to some additional features you won’t be able to use with a personal profile. Say for example logging with your business account you can get access to:

  • Instagram Ads

  • Instagram Insights

  • Instagram Shopping

  • Contact Details & Call-To-Action Button

Content creators and influencers enjoy a few sets of advantages. However, advertisers can enjoy those benefits using their business accounts respectively. So think twice if you are still doubtful about creating a business account or not. This is one of the effective Instagram marketing tips.

2. Make Use Of Instagram Tools For Free

If you use Facebook Business Account then handling Instagram Business Account won’t be a problem. Say for example Instagram Insights will help you check the stats such as:

  • Impressions

  • Engagement Data &

  • Others

You can also check the breakdown of your audience demographics with information about their:

  • Age

  • Gender

  • Location

  • Hours of Active

Additionally, Instagram Insights gives you information about particular posts for a week revealing your topmost posts and the number of impressions you have received for that week specifically.

Although you can use these tools for free they are priceless to help you recognize how your audience responds to your content. The more you can recognize your users better you can create content for audience engagement.

3. Create A Community With Effective Instagram Hashtag

The biggest advantage of using the Instagram marketing tips is you can leverage it on other social networking sites, such as:

  • Twitter &

  • Pinterest

However, it functions effectively for Instagram too. This strategy is simply great to reach your audience and connect them with your brand. Hashtag campaigns are good for smaller brands too.

There are examples of BIG and Small Names that have marketed well using this marketing strategy. Just check it out and see how fast and easily you reach your targeted audience.

4. Understand What Your Audience Requires

Irrespective of what you have understood your audience requirements is a must thing to increase your sales. You may produce very good content for the world but what if your target buyers don’t find it appealing. There is no point in making such content, isn’t it?

This is why before creating content you should study the nature of your niche buyers. Take your time and do a bit of research on:

  • Who is your current audience?

  • Who you want your audience to be?

As you are marketing on Instagram you should consider if they are prospective buyers or can assist in developing your brand some way or the other. Instagram Insights (as already discussed in point no.2) can help you study the demography of your audience.

5. Pictures Speak Thousand Words

Humans get attracted to interesting pictures than just contents. And the most Instagram marketing tips is posting an image. While you post the pictures keep in mind sharing varieties of images……it reveals you have different assortments within the brand and can involve your audience in several ways.

Also, consider users are looking for honest posts from marketers than plain advertisements. Try to create lifestyle shots revealing your company’s culture and the scenes from behind the curtains.

But yes don’t post multiple photos so that it becomes hotchpotch. Be creative and think about the X-Factor to function effectively for your brand.

6. Run Instagram Hashtag Competition

I am sure you have heard the name of Wishpond. Yes, you can easily create an incredible Hashtag competition on Wishpond for your business.

Wishpond is simply splendid as it helps to make your Hashtag contests mobile-friendly…….much necessary to run a contest on Instagram.

Just create a Page using a great template of Wishpond and keep an interesting prize package along with advertisements and attractive posts. This is a great Word of Mouth (WOM) Communication to attract an audience for the contest.

Here participants upload images with your preferred Hashtag to appear automatically on the contest page for people to take a look, see and vote according to their preference. They can also view images of other participants.

Now you may ask how it can help you to generate leads. Voting on the contest page allows you to accumulate Email IDs to help you build a long list and further generate sales with the help of email marketing.

7. Cross-Promote The Posts On Instagram

One of the effective Instagram marketing tips is the cross-promotion of posts on Instagram. This will help you add your Instagram followers in other social networking sites where you have a profile too, such as:

  • Facebook

  • Twitter &

  • LinkedIn etc.

Post around your social media platforms and send them an invitation to follow your business profile on Instagram. They already follow you, so they definitely will be interested in whatever you provide. Hence give them a new way to link with your brand.

Don’t expect your posts to reach all your audience on social networking sites. Many individuals get off from some social media whereas some may not be active. Connecting your followers to multiple social media platforms can boost your connectivity with every post.

8. Post Regular But Don’t Be Salsey

You should post content regularly, but don’t always focus on brand promotion. This can angry your audience and they may stop following your page.

You would desire to generate leads and sales but this doesn’t imply you should focus on product or service promotion always.

Post something funny as images of your workers or any celebration held at the office. This will keep your audience engaged and connected for the long-term.

To generate your leads important Instagram marketing tips is to promote your products or services casually. Just stick to the point.

Summary: With these few Instagram marketing tips you can reach your target audience and increase your sales number effectively. Try out and see for yourself.

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