Build the best Facebook Marketing Strategy

Looking for the right Facebook marketing strategy? Here are 8 tips to build the perfect one!

If you dream to create a strong brand image, you have to follow the right Facebook marketing strategy.

With 2.5 billion people using Facebook every month, it has immense popularity and power. As, in every business, connection matters to achieve goals, Facebook could be the right way to grow your business if you follow the right Facebook marketing strategy.

Here are 8 tips to make your business successful.

1. Know the audience

In any business, marketing drive becomes useless if that does not reach the right people. This is why it is important to know the right audience. No matter if your target audience is senior citizens, or the young and trendy, or anyone else, they are available on Facebook. You have only to define and locate them. It will give you a nice start to employ the right Facebook marketing strategy. To do this, you should drill down into the details of your potential customers. Knowing their age, gender, location, education, language, and Facebook usage will help you to understand the audience profile. Once you have a clear idea about them you will be able to engage them more effectively for growing your business.

2. Set the goal

Setting the goal is vital for any marketing strategy to be effective and successful. Getting driven away by vanity metrics is of no use. The problem is there is no one-for-all solution for this. However, the goal set must always focus on increasing brand awareness and also to have a real impact on the bottom line of the business like generating leads, increasing conversions, enhancing customer services. So, you must start with S.M.A.R.T ideas. This means your marketing strategy must be framed to achieve specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and timely. So, if you are working for generating leads or increasing conversion, you must have a target like generating 50 leads or 30 conversions in a month. Only this can help you understanding if you are heading in the right way.

3. Set the Budget

Facebook is, out and out, a money-motivated social platform. The adage that money brings is money is true for Facebook. If you are ready to link some incentive with your posts and ads, Facebook makes them more visible. So, one must plan a monthly budget for your Facebook marketing strategy. This may include the cost of content creation, boosted posts, ads for lead generation and conversion, etc. The crux of the problem is that there is no clear-cut answer as to how much one can spend on these accounts. Moreover, every business is different in terms of business goals and financial means. So, the best way is to check your budget after a month or so for computing the return on investment. If that is positive you are heading the right way. In the case of a negative impact, you have to make some adjustments.

4. Plan the content

Now that you know the audience, set the goal and budget, you must plan the content. For this, you can follow the social media rule of thirds. It is better to use one-third of your content for sharing ideas and stories, one-third for personal interactions, and the remaining one-third for promoting the brand. One should also post consistently and that should be around five posts in a week. The posts should also be posted in the best times when people are more likely to see those. Plan to create high-quality content. Visitors are always drawn to images, videos, etc. You must include high-resolution images with bright colors. A majority of the people tend to watch videos, on Facebook, without sound. So, your content must be able to convey the message in silent mode.

5. Optimize for engagement

Facebook is built for conversing, discussing, and sharing content. So, you must take action so that people can easily find your page. This will help you to engage with the audience better. To make your Facebook marketing strategy successful, you should link the page with e-mail signatures and newsletters. In case you are present on other channels that should also be linked. Also, include a link and share buttons on your website and blogs. These will make it easy for the people to find and engage with the page with a click only. Make sure that the audience can share your content. It will increase your organic reach and business growth. Last but not least, you must reply to all messages, comments, and queries.

6. Use other tools

Consider using other tools for marketing, once you have sizeable followers. Facebook has a large number of Facebook groups that are almost like a community coffee parlor. Join these groups and display your expertise. It will go a long way to building trust and loyalty. People are now increasingly dependent on messages in the new normal situation and expecting immediate responses. Facebook chatbot is the right thing for this. You can also set up Facebook Business Manager. This helps to work smoothly and effectively.

7. Plan engaging ads

Posting something on Facebook does not ensure that it will be seen by everybody. So, you have to include Facebook ads to make it visible to your target audience. The ads should be relevant and cost-effective. For this, you must focus on creative content. The ad must reveal your business identity, talk about rewards, and a specific call of action.

8. Track and monitor

You cannot set a Facebook marketing strategy and forget about it. You should monitor your account every day. This will tell you how to make improvements. Use Facebook Insights to check the performance of your page. Monitoring daily will also help you correct any errors quickly. People always fall for quick responses, and happy customers are likely to refer or recommend your business to others. Express gratitude to positive comments and reviews and utilize angry responses for improving your service.

Final thought

Regardless of the type of business, you can customize the Facebook marketing strategy to suit your business needs. Now that you have 8 tips in hand, start today to establish your brand.

And if you need help with, for example, content creation or engagement you can always hire a Social Media Manager. Read the perks of hiring a Social Media Manager in this blog entry.

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