Top 10 Mistakes To Avoid In Social Media Marketing

Many local, either small or big businesses are using social media for marketing. The idea is to let the world know of the existence of their brand on social networking sites. The reason is simple…To get a bigger audience at once. It is easy to reach out to a bigger number of people at the same time, but some mistakes can break your job. Avoid these mistakes to promote your brand well through social media platforms.

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1. Failing To Build An Impact

The most important thing to create brand awareness through social media for marketing is having a solid marketing strategy. Just like you should consider things including:

  • Your Niche

  • Your Product / Service

  • Your Audience etc.

You should also create an effective marketing strategy for brand promotion through social media platforms. Several businesses may have made this mistake.

Just creating a business page on social media and forgetting will not make your plan a success. Before jumping into anything you should get answers to the questions like:

  • What are your goals for social media?

  • Why and how will you gain Followers and Likes?

  • How will you create sales leads?

Invest some of your valuable time and create a strong team with solid marketing strategies to make your brand promotion on social media a great success.

2. Disregarding Social Media Marketing As Unproductive

This is one of the common mistakes usually businesses do while using social media for marketing. If you are of the view that social media platforms are not for your niche then you are wrong.

There is a wrong notion…social media is used by tech-savvy and teenagers. This concept has changed drastically. With online marketing gaining significance social media platforms are now used by middle-aged to senior citizens too.

Research has shown that (55 to 64) aged demographic are fastest growing on Twitter while (45 to 54) aged are seen on Facebook. Of course, there are other demographics too. But one cannot deny the fact that social network has covered every layer of society.

If you can come up with a solid marketing strategy (as said in point no. 1) then definitely you can stay ahead in the race.

3. Buying Followers For Social Media

This is just against the rules and regulations of social media platforms. But most businesses are seen to get into this illegal activity when fewer people follow their business pages with time.

The offers you get are quite tempting like 1000 followers just paying $5. But it can hamper your business in the long run. Here is how. Buying followers goes beyond the algorithms of Instagram and Facebook.

And what happens to your real subscribers. They stop following your posts or checking feeds regularly. In this way, you lose your prospective customers as well. Just remember your goal is conversion than the number of subscribers. So make a plan accordingly.

4. Not Keeping A Track Of Your Outcomes

Social media analytics

Using social media for marketing is an effective method for brand promotion. But this doesn’t end here as you need to keep a track of your progress over time ignored by many marketers often. This lets you create strategic transformations within your marketing campaign and niche audience while you move.

Say for example if one of your advertisements is not performing as expected you can immediately stop. This can save your budget to explore and come up with something creative ad for brand promotion.

It is time-tested to determine what is/are good to generate leads and increase your sales. Just keep track, check out new campaigns for social media, and move forward to achieve your business goals.

5. Disremember Diversifying Your Contents

Adopting social media for marketing and not diversifying your content is one of the common mistakes many businesses make. Social media offers you unlimited opportunities to upload and share content with your followers. You should never miss those opportunities as you upload similar content regularly.

For beginners, you would desire to share plentiful useful posts. I know blogging helps businesses with lead generation. And further you can increase the number to share your content with social networking sites.

Apart from written content do consider uploading videos in your profile. Either you can add the contents within your current posts or something new. Few business entrepreneurs and marketers opt for Facebook Live or Instagram stories to attract their audience.

Additionally, you can execute some game plans into your marketing strategy to attract more audiences to your brand.

6. Unstructured Team For Social Media

Social Media Management

Team Work is essential in business to achieve your goal within a time frame. With NO dedicated social media team, your marketing may not bring the desired result. Many businesses commit this mistake. You get a better response from social media for marketing when working with a professional team.

Your team for social media should possess the following skills:

  • Social Media Executive or Admin

  • Social Media Planner

  • Content Creators

  • Copywriters

  • Video Editors

  • Graphic Designers etc.

  • Content Marketing Planner

  • Customer Service

If creating a social media team is going beyond your budget then it is advised to outsource the job to a professional company.

7. Treating Social Networking Sites As One

Like one person differs from the other. Social networking sites are similarly different. Each social media has it's personal:

  • Customs

  • Audience

  • Language &

  • Content-Type

To earn productive outcomes you should be able to understand the variations amid those social media platforms. Don’t just jump into marketing through social media directly.

You should learn ways to communicate with different social networking sites. Learn which type of message echoes effectively in the social network you use.

8. Avoiding Replies To Complaints Or Comments

Social Media Engagemetn

Often we see negative comments and complaints as poor feedback and try to delete or avoid them. But trust me instead of avoiding negative feedback consider them as constructive criticism.

Say for example if any customer is not happy with your product and complaining, responds positively and on time. You should apologize and ask for some time to see what went wrong.

When you use social media for marketing there can be negative feedback from customers (if products or services are not up to the mark). Listen to them empathetically and see how you can make things right.

Summary: To increase your sales through social media marketing is an effective strategy if you can avoid some common mistakes in a row.

Or you can always count with the help of professionals!

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